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  1. US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania are in Scotland for a private weekend visit
  2. The couple are staying at Mr Trump's Turnberry hotel on the Ayrshire coast
  3. A march and rally against the visit took place in Edinburgh
  4. Mr Trump played an afternoon game of golf at the Turnberry resort which he bought in 2014
  5. On Friday the US leader met the PM Theresa May at Chequers and The Queen at Windsor Castle

Live Reporting

By Nichola Rutherford and Deirdre Kelly

All times stated are UK

A day of golf and protests

That is the end of our live coverage of President Trump's visit to Scotland.

  • Mr Trump played golf at his family's Turnberry resort
  • He waved an acknowledgement to protesters who jeered from the side of the course
  • Police Scotland are attempting to find a Greenpeace paraglider who flew over the hotel
  • The main demonstration, in Edinburgh, attracted thousands of people
  • First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is not meeting the president, led a Pride march in Glasgow
  • On Sunday, Mr Trump is expected to fly to Helsinki ahead of a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Departure of Trump baby balloon

BBC Scotland's Martin Sharkey tweets

Edinburgh protest in numbers

Thanking those who took part for their "good behaviour", Police Scotland estimated that 9,000 people were at the Edinburgh anti-Trump demonstration. Organisers think the true number was up to 60,000.

Crowd from above

Sturgeon: 'I've not refused to meet Donald Trump'

Nicola Sturgeon has denied that she has refused to meet the US president during his visit to Scotland.

The Scottish first minister, who earlier took part in Glasgow Pride, said her disagreements with Mr Trump were "not personal - it's about policies".

She said: "If the opportunity arises to meet the president I will do that and I'm sure if the opportunity arises in the future we will have lots to talk about, including the close and very important links between our two countries.

NIcola Sturgeon at Pride Glasgow

"In democracies, it's also important to be able to focus also on where we perhaps disagree, and lots of people disagree with the policies of the Trump administration.

"It's not personal, it's about policies. "Policies like pulling out of the climate change treaty, the treatment of minorities, the language about women, but also, and I think most importantly recently, the policy of separating migrant children from their parents.

"As in any relationship, it's important to have the ability to be honest as well and I think most people in America, just as most people in Scotland, would agree with that."

President Trump shy?

Seeing double

Trump baby tweets...

What can we take from President Trump's visit?

James Landale

Diplomatic correspondent

Trump with the first lady and the Queen

This is how it works in Trump world. The US president arrives at a party, causes a fuss, breaks some crockery, and leaves everyone stunned.

Then as the dust settles, he declares what a good time he has had, how it's all been a great success, while offering a few words of apology for the disruption caused. So it was at the Nato summit, and so it was during his visit to Britain.

Read more from James Landale here.

Sturgeon is 'tickled' by Trump reports

Nicola Sturgeon says she is a "wee bit tickled" by comments made reports that Donald Trump has been "bitching" about her to Theresa May.

Earlier this week the Huffington Post quoted a former UK government aide who said the US president "spends lots of his time bitching about Sturgeon" in phone calls to Mrs May.

Nicola Sturgeon at Pride Glasgow
Nicola Sturgeon is the first honorary grand marshal of Glasgow Pride

Speaking after heading Scotland's largest Pride march in Glasgow, Ms Sturgeon said: "I find it hard to believe that the president of the United States with all the big important issues that he has to deal with on a daily basis, finds the time to rant about me on the telephone to Theresa May

"If it is true, I suppose I should take it as a compliment. I certainly don't spend that much time talking about him."

Organisers say 60,000 people at Edinburgh protest

Tweet from BBC Scotland's Angie Brown

Scottish Labour leader joins Edinburgh protest

Trump baby balloons in Edinburgh's Meadows
Getty Images

We want to send out a message to the people of America who are watching this, to the people right across the world who are watching this that the people of Scotland do not consent to Donald Trump's visit and we stand for values of hope, common humanity and the ideal of world peace. We want a very different kind of world than the one that Donald Trump seems to envision."

Richard LeonardLeader of Scottish Labour party

Trump's UK visit in nine key moments

Donald Trump during UK viist

Donald Trump's first visit to the UK as US president has not been without its drama.

From an explosive interview with The Sun to the protests and an inflatable Trump baby, there have been some memorable moments.

Read more about how the visit panned out here.

In pictures: Trump supporters at US Embassy in London

Supporters of Donald Trump are demonstrating outside the US Embassy in London during the US president's visit to the UK.

Pro-Trump supporters demonstrate outside the US Embassy in support of US President Donald J. Trump"s visit to the UK,
Trump supporters
Pro-Trump demostration

Trump and Scotland - the story explained

Donald Trump is no stranger to protests in Scotland.

Here's a look back at the story of his business ventures in the country:

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Trump waves to protestors

Handmaids spotted at Turnberry

President Trump is out on the fairway at Turnberry, and plenty of protestors have gathered on the edge of the course.

Among them are two children dressed as handmaids from Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale.

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Meanwhile in Glasgow...

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has tweeted her pride at leading, well, Pride.

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Aberdeenshire protest begins to wind down

BBC Scotland's Rebecca Curran tweets

'Love trumps hate'

Ruth Davidson has some advice for those marching in Glasgow and Edinburgh today:

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Trump is booed as he plays golf at Turnberry

The US president has been heckled by protesters as he played golf with his son, Eric.

Mr Trump waved as protesters surrounding the perimeter of the Ayrshire golf course booed him.

Donald Trump at Turnberry

Thousands of demonstrators weave through the capital

At the Edinburgh protest

Katie Hunter

BBC Scotland reporter

Protesters set off from the Scottish Parliament just after midday. Thousands of people are weaving their way through the streets of Edinburgh to the Meadows.

There are hundreds of banners criticising both the president and his policy. There is a high police presence here but so far no sign of trouble.

Organisers want this event to end at the Meadows with a "carnival of resistance",

Protest in Edinburgh
Getty Images

Police Scotland says it's expecting 10 to 12,000 people to gather in the capital this afternoon.

The inflatable Trump baby has also made an appearance.

Corbyn blasts Fox over 'embarrassment' comments

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told Liam Fox to "grow up" over his "frankly embarrassing" remarks about anti-Trump protesters.

Speaking at the Durham Miners' Gala he said people have "every right" to protest against President Trump.

Earlier, the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox told BBC Breakfast that protesters, who have turned out in large numbers yesterday and today, "were an embarrassment to themselves".

Jeremy Corbyn at Durham Miners Gala
Getty Images
Jeremy Corbyn is at the Durham Miners Gala

Mr Corbyn responded that it was "frankly embarrassing for a cabinet minister to say that. He lives in a democracy where people have a right to free speech, a right to demonstrate and a right to express themselves."

He added: "The idea that we should not say something for fear of embarrassing somebody. How ridiculous is that? I ask Liam Fox - grow up."

MP hopes Trump will 'digest' protesters' message

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard is among thousands taking part in the anti-Trump march in Edinburgh.

He thinks the president's team will take note of the demonstrations.

"I know his PR machine will digest what's happening here," he told BBC Scotland.

Edinburgh protest
Getty Images

"They will be counting the numbers, they will be listening to what people say, they will be examining the breadth of political opinion that there is behind this protest and I'd like to hope that they will be feeding back to him the unacceptability of many of his policies and hopefully that will lead to a change in course.

"But ultimately it's for the American people of course to change who they have to represent them and that process will start with the mid-terms very shortly."

Trump tees off at Turnberry

The US president is playing golf at his Ayrshire golf course, amid tight security.

Trump tees off at Turnberry
Trump at Turnberry golf course
Trump at Turnberry

Donald Trump heads to the fairways for a game of golf

US President Donald Trump drives a buggy to begin his game of golf at Turnberry, the resort he bought in 2014. Meanwhile, people march against his visit at an event in Edinburgh

Donald Trump in golfing buggy
US President Donald Trump heading out for his game of golf

Trump balloon takes flight

The Trump baby blimp has now been inflated and is set to take to the skies above Edinburgh.

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'It was an honour to meet the Queen'

The First Lady tweets

Trump rally continues along Buccleuch Street

'Children should be in classrooms not cages'

Protest passes Calton Hill

Police: Parachute protester was in 'grave danger'

A protester who used a paraglider to get close to President Trump at Turnberry put themselves in "grave danger", according to Police Scotland.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams told BBC Scotland that officers were committed to tracing the person who breached the air exclusion zone around the golf course.

Earlier environmental charity Greenpeace said they had given police 10-15 minutes warning of the protest.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams, Police Scotland

Mr Williams appealed for help in tracing the individual responsible.

He said: "There are armed assets protecting the president both from the US Secret Service and ourselves and the Met Police, who offer a close protection function as well, and there's no doubt anybody who breaches security around him puts themselves in grave danger.

"On this occasion we could assess the situation and we realised there was no direct threat to the president however it's absolutely something that is very serious.

"The individual did put themselves in a dangerous place and we'll be pursuing that inquiry rigorously because it's a criminal offence."

Edinburgh anti-Trump protest march under way

The march and protest against US President Donald Trump's visit has begun in Edinburgh. Thousands are taking part in the event in Scotland's capital while Mr Trump and his wife make a private visit to Turnberry on the west coast of the country.

Smaller protests are also taking place outside Turnberry golf resort, which Mr Trump purchased in 2014, and at the US leader's other Scottish golf complex, Menie in Aberdeenshire on the north east of the country.

'You'll have had your tea?'

In pictures: Placards at Turnberry

Protesters are gathering at the Ayrshire golf resort where the US president is spending his weekend

Demonstrators sit on the beach near Trump Turnberry
Protesters with their placards on the beach at Turnberry
Protester outside Turnberry
Protesters at Turnberry

Musicians join Edinburgh protest

'Don't forget sunscreen'

Will Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meet Donald Trump?

Nicola Sturgeon at gay Pride 2017
Nicola Sturgeon spoke at the gay pride event in Glasgow last year

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will not meet Donald Trump while he is in Scotland. She has spoken out about some of his policies, but said she would be prepared to see him if he visited Scotland. However, no plans were made this time.

So, what will Ms Sturgeon be doing as the US president gets in a round of golf at Turnberry? Well, she will be leading a march in Glasgow - not an anti-Trump one, but the gay Pride procession from Clyde Place to Kelvingrove Park.

Road closures in Edinburgh

Placards ready to pick up at Edinburgh protest

Anti-Trump protestors gathering outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.   March due to begin at 12 noon.

Anti-Trump protestors gathering outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. March due to begin at 12 noon.